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28 十月, 2008

好吃~ =)

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woohoo!! 媽咪!生日快樂!! (昨天是個special日子呢!!)


ok!i know! iknow!! i havent updated my blog for a while!!

but! heyyy!!here i am!

im back =)

yesterday we had curry for dinner!

it was incredible!!!

homemade curry- with slices of onions, cabbage,potatoes…and cooked chicken!!

omg! love it!!

it was really spicy though…cos iris said tht it wont taste nice  without chilii!


btw 昨天有fire alarm !! wtf! 浪費我的時間在外面罰站 =(


不錯的 一天!


22 十月, 2008


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wow!!it has been an amazing time in glasgow so far!

the main reason would be becos of iris! =]

my lovely sis! well…we fight, we shout at each other…

but at the end of the day…we are family!we love one another! =]

buildings of Glasgow uni r actually quite pretty!!

but not in the case of other buildings in glasgow~oops!

i mean …they r alright..but not as modern ?elegant? than i thought it would be~

iris cooks nice food =] really appreciate it! this shows that mom is not just a good cook but also a good teacher!

dad taught me one maths qs yesrterday!how stupid i was….totally forgot tht we can use the double angles stuff!oops!well done dad!薑還是老的辣=]





18 十月, 2008

NeW bLoG~

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